Citrine Cluster 1
Ametrine double point #  6
Labradorite Blue # 1
Fluorite Obelisque # 1



Crystals require only acceptance.

You don't need to know a lot about crystals to enjoy their beauty, energy & abundance.

Never be afraid to simply carry, wear or place in your environment a crystal you have been attracted to.

Even if you know nothing about its suggested uses or even its name. 





For those of you who would prefer our assistance in choosing, activating & programming the best crystal or crystal jewellery for your specific needs ....just contact us by email & ask for our Exclusive Essential Energies M.A.P service.

Enjoy the benefits of this amazing service for a small fee. 



Question 1.

I live in Texas, USA (example). Can you tell me whether I will need to pay any taxes on my crystals or comply with particular customs' requirements on your goods?

Answer 1.

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Question 2.

Do you have a contact phone number ?

Answer 2.

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Question 3.

Do you ever give a full refund or exchange on a crystal?

Answer 3.

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