Conventional explanation of properties;

Protective, supports your aloneness, dipels illusion especially self-illusion. Blue onyx helps you retain clarity & peace of mind


Essential energies explanation;

The onyx will help you stabilise your aura in a way it never has been stabalised before. Wear black Onyx with good judgement as it wards off the evil eye, curses & malevolence (including dark magick) is deflected.... as is envy. However the Onyx will keep you remain singular within the sea of incarnated & dimensional souls... so you can navigate your own destiny without interruption. This at times creates a lonely but honourable & productive space.

Wearing Onyx will allow you to open your heart  to love of your souls objectives without corruption. It supports the immortal navigator, i.e. the Higher Self to see where it has been , where it must go so it can adjust its coordinates. Believe in yourself few can wear a lavish onyx piece as few can understand or bear the times we are alone on the journey because we are so clear we cannot be distracted nor detracted. Onyx helps you retain an overseer perspective of any situation or in fact life in general....it helps you remain detached & not jump in to danger, another's drama or indeed their Karma. A supreme protector against karmic meshing & karmic plan disruption as we do not get entangled in another's story but keep them company if we must even when we are  up close & personal.
Onyx you be aware the envy of others & their invasion of your souls energy field ....Onyx does not protect from invasion as such but acts as a hard to miss warning bell ...you will feel agitated & not right when invasion is imminent or has already occurred immediately ...so minimal damage will occur to your structures. Onyx is even better than Turquoise in warding off the "evil eye" in most instances
Onyx helps you read the earth & the karmic grid of a region...ie the cvommon opprtunity for soul evolution encouraged by living in a particular region.
Onyx is one of the best crystals in helping you retain a subjective space & self awareness....hence extremely useful to empaths.