How wearing crystal jewellery benefits the wearer

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How the wearing of natural crystal jewellery benefits the wearer.
Why wear natural crystals, in other words crystals mined from the earth & not artificially manufactured by man as jewellery? It is of course a matter of preference however crystals & semi precious stones found in the earth are generally more beneficial to humans when worn as jewellery than artificial or man- made stones.  Although either can be beautiful the natural stones & crystals are definitely of benefit to our well-being. If you ask anyone who prefers natural stones & crystals as jewellery they will usually say it feels better. They might reveal that certain “times” in their lives drew them to certain gems & crystals & how these felt like a talisman or good luck charm for those times. Some will just say they prefer the “real thing”. A healer or clairvoyant will tell you that the changes & benefits to a person’s aura (personal electro-magnetic field) are actually visible both physically & clairvoyantly after relatively short periods of wear. From a western medical point of view there is no completely credible reason why crystals & gemstones might offer any medicinal or therapeutic benefit to humans. Yet man has worn crystals & semi precious stones from ancient times. Crystal lore handed down from ancient times describes the many & often specific benefits of the varying crystals found on our planet earth. The ceremonial & therapeutic use of crystals evident in their use by priests, shamans & magicians & persons of high standing in the community is well documented in history & by archaeological evidence.
There are probably three reasons why crystals affect humans energetically, emotionally & physically. The first is related to the minerals in the natural stones & crystals. Humans flourish from a variety of minerals in their environment as well as those they ingest in foods & water.
The second reason why crystals affect us beneficially is due to their stable & coherent physical (molecular) structure. Each crystal has one type of molecule which is repeated throughout its structure. The inherent order within a crystal is capable of adjusting quite rapidly to all kinds of environmental stresses. The resonant signature frequency of a particular crystal or class of crystals is in fact almost impossible to disrupt (earthquakes are one exception). In comparison we humans are made up thousands of different molecules, each with a specific physical make-up, functionality & vibrational frequency. In comparison the individual frequencies of various structures within humans as well as their overall signature frequency is relatively easy to disrupt. When a human wears or uses a crystal in close proximity to their body there is a tendency for the crystal(s) to affect the vibration & structure within the human, somewhat like a tuning fork effect and not the other way around....bringing back harmony, functional structure & stability when necessary. This fact probably explains why we are drawn to certain crystals at certain times. Most likely we are drawn to the crystal(s) which offers the largest fortification or amplification to our inherent overall signature frequency during times when we need a powerful protective talisman. Alternatively we may be drawn to the crystal(s) offering the most rebalancing or reparative structure & frequency to our disrupted emotions, energy or body organs when we feel “not right”. 
Thirdly crystals from the earth can benefit us due to the fact that they naturally vibrate at a rate which is in harmony with the Earth’s overriding resonant vibration as do we humans. However we are more likely to become out of tune with this overall earth frequency. This is perhaps because our structure is more complicated. What is interesting is that when a human becomes disconnected from “Mother Earth” due to urban living, trauma or large shifts in their unique soul frequency, crystals will help them reconnect to Earth & feel grounded (focused & functional in the “here and now”). Crystals, being structurally more similar to the earth and the elements than humans, seem to as a result of this fact retain their inherent frequency more readily than we humans. So in instances where a “disrupted” or poorly grounded human uses a crystal in close proximity to their body they are beneficially affected by the frequency of the crystal and its similarity to Earth, the elements and stars and not the other way around. This in turn brings them back to a more balanced state in harmony with the rest of creation.
By the way if you look closely at naturally occurring crystal & gem jewellery you will probably agree that they are generally far more beautiful than man-made copies. This may encourage you to feel more connected & grateful to the creative magick of nature & the cosmos.  Gratitude & appreciation create wellness in humans. This is a well documented fact.
Ps; Ladies feeling beautiful makes us feel better so remember you can never have too much crystal jewellery.

Author; Nevine Z. Rottinger of Essential Energies
Copyright material May 2013.