New Crystal found in Australia



New Unique Mineral Crystal discovered by Scientist at Adelaide university (Australia)


The Australian Aborigines are one of the few living races on earth which still speak

of the Earth's "song lines" at a group level.

So many other races & cultures have forgotten this knowing & knowledge at a universal level.

Equivalent concepts are the Asian "Dragon Lines, the ancient Celtic understanding of Ley lines etc.

Such a shame, because to those who are naturally Clairaudient, as to those who have studied Esoteric Sciences or have been educated through the generations (such as the Australian Aborigines) on such matters, there is an understanding about Nature & her creativity which has long been forgotten by the modern masses.


The Earth's natural Energy grid or frequency patterns (subtle sounds or song lines) are different , depending on;

differing geographical locations, geological history, changing Astronomical events & climatic seasonal changes.

These differences in the Earth's subtle energetic  frequencies affects matter differently....organising the various sub atomic particles into the numerous elements which form the differing terrestrial minerals available. These Elements are in turn arranged into the differing crystalline structures we find.

In other words; when a crystal is formed in the Earth... the minerals in the area, the sequence of geological, Astronomical, climatic events & the resulting changes in the Song lines (frequency patterns) over time...create the unique properties of CRYSTALS (composition & structure) we find today.

The particular song lines which helped  form  a particular crystal & which can be heard  through clairaudience, then continue to emanate from the crystal ...affecting nearby life forms such as plants, humans & animals even if they are transported to a new locations.

Needless to say this is an evolutionary process so what happens today & tomorrow affects Earths mineral Kingdom for generations to come.


"Nature seems to be far cleverer at Dreaming up new chemical than any researcher in a laboratory", quoted from Dr Peter Elliott at the University of Adelaide.


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New Crystal found in Australia