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Beautiful, Healing, Powerful, ... Genuine Natural Crystals & jewellery 

specifically chosen to balance your energy, promote healing, clarity & wellbeing.


Crystals are a natural treasure formed within the earth. Their effectivity & beauty has long been sought after by humans, to wear on their person or to enhance their environment.


Crystals by Essential Energies is an Online store for;

Natural Earth Crystals, Healing Crystals

Healing Crystal Jewellery &

Statement Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery.


Each crystal has been chosen for its rarity, power & unique transformative ability.  

Our Crystal Jewellery is hand-picked for its uniquenes; its specific signature energy frequency its precise functionality &/or  its  undeniable beauty. 


We are known for our exclusive Essential Energies "Crystal M.A.P Service"; where we will, match, activate & programe just for you the individual, the very best & most effective cystal(s) or crystal  jewellery. So treat yourself !


By the way we have a high turnover & some crystals & jewellery sells before we have had time to list it on our website. So don't be shy & feel free to drop us a line if you are looking for something you cannot yet see on the website

Enjoy our exclusive range, our experience & devotion to service :-)