Crystal Properties

Quartz Twin # 1
Amethyst Geode medium size
Manifestation Quartz 1d
Ajoite 1a


Crystal Properties

Each crystal has a unique energy & differs subtly from others in its category, class or family. Even two simple tumble stones of the same crystal, say malachite, will differ slightly from each other & in how they can affect our energy.

On the following pages we detail both conventional explanations (Crystal Lore) of the various properties of crystals. As well as observations made by Nevine Z Rottinger the owner of Essential Energies. Twenty three years as a practicing intuitive,channelerr & healer have given her plenty ofopportunityy to observe & learn from the crystals themselves which unique properties they hold or offer.

We include this information for educational purposes only & recommend that it not override your natural affinity to a crystal when choosing which one to buy for yourself or another. The suggested properties & uses for crystals included on this website are for your education & enjoyement BUT ARE NOT meant to replace medical, legal, financial or other proffessional advise you may be receiving elsewhere. Crystals are meant to be used as part of a wholistic approach to Wellbeing & Soul evolution. They are not always meant to work on their own ( as a stand alone tool) for your benefit. 


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